Forrest Hill Presbyterian Church


church icon SpeakEzy

Every Monday 10:00 am - noon / 7:00 - 8:30 pm (Except School Holiday)

SpeakEzy first started in March 2003 and now we have been reaching out to new New Zealanders for over 12 years. Over 600 students have been here at FHPC with us and have learned how to ‘Speak English With Confidence’. We also taught them about NZ history and culture. They have been on exciting Field Trips and enjoyed our interesting visiting speakers. We have been well supported by our dedicated and friendly voluntary tutors and assistants. There are no fees, just a small gold coin towards tea/coffee snacks. Our comfortable accommodation is freely provided by FHPC as part of the Outreach Programme.


SpeakEzy is
a conversation group for speaking English with confidence for foreigner.
Morning tea is provided for fellowship.

church icon Mainly Music

Every Tuesday 10:00 - 11:15 am (Except School Holiday)

Mainly music has celebrated 14 years at FHPC and we give thanks to God for this outreach into our community. Mainly Music introduces Christian values through songs, stories and interaction between mothers, children and staff throughout the programme, creating a warm, happy, loving environment. Each child's birthday is celebrated at the end of their birth, with a gift, birthday cake and party food making them feel valued and special. It is open to all parents and caregivers of preschoolers. Come along, meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy the music. Come and relax and have fun with your little ones at FHPC Mainly Music.


Mainly music is
about creating memories with your child through each music session ... we hope you enjoy the music , the fun and the friendship!

church icon CAP Money

3 times a year and will be noticed later-on

Want to get on top of your finances? CAP Money is a three session money management course that teaches people how to build and balance a budget AND implement it so it actually works with minimum hassle and fuss. The next course is running three consecutive Wednesdays; It is free course. Refer to


" When I became debt free, all that weight was gone !! "

...from an inspiring story